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Explora XL Underground Inspection Robot


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ADR Explora XL Robot

Explora XL Product Launch!

After years of development and testing, Australian Droid & Robot is proud to finally bring the battle-hardened Explora XL to market. Featuring 8WD traction control, independent suspension and a modular payload bay, the Explora XL redefines the industry standard for mobile UGVs. 


The Explora XL will be available as a kit for makers & integrators and as a complete solution for industry. Sign up to our email notifications below to be a part of the launch of the Explora XL, coming Q1 2022! 

Explora XL UGV with 3D Scanner
Underground Inspection Robot with Lidar
Explora XL Inspection Robot
Explora XL Custom Robot
Explora XL Inspection Robots on Mine Site
Explora XL with 3D scanner

"We’re able to use the ROV to track bats deep into the caves where they live – up to 200m – without actually having to set foot into the cave ourselves.....Huge thanks to our partnership with Australian Droid - a Queensland, Australia robotics company – whose tech makes these conservation efforts possible" 

Explora XL Fleet in American Mine

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